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18 August 2012

Galvanizing Political Engagement among Muslims in the Netherlands by Drawing Inspiration from American Examples of Success



As (candidate) doctors, we studied the challenges Dutch Muslims encounter regarding their political involvement. We found that these obstacles are not only moral and legal, but also have a medical (psychological and sometimes physical) effect on Muslims. Therefore, we researched what these challenges were and found four: the false idea that it is impossible to be Muslim and Dutch. Diversity within the Muslim community does not allow Muslims to unite forces, something which is needed to fight Islamophobia. That Muslims are not very politically active and finally the role of the media which re-enforces prejudices and stereotypes.

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M. M. Umar, Z. Ikram MD, PhDc; Nathan W. Furukawa Mdc MPHc and Elizabeth A. Clark Mdc, MPHc
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Academics and experts
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Laura Coello Eertink
Country Coordinator

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