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26 August 2020

EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum - Sweden


The European Migration Network’s (EMN) 2019 annual report for Sweden includes a chapter summarising the year’s most important developments in the field of migrant integration. These developments include, among other issues, the following:


  • an additional state grant for supporting measures for the municipalities that organise vocational education in combination with language training;
  • a state grant to the National Delegation for Validation to support the development of validation models;
  • measures making it possible for the Swedish Council for Higher Education to validate an individual’s completed but insufficiently documented foreign qualification, through a competence assessment performed by a higher education institution;
  • funding to increase the length of the civic orientation course from 60 to 100 hours;
  • the introduction of an intensive introductory year for newly arrived immigrants, consisting of a chain of language courses and vocational-oriented measures given in parallel or consecutively in a relatively short period of time.


If you'd like to access the full publication you can find it here, and to compare Sweden with other countries view the full report on Europe here.

EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum - Europe
(8.59 MB - PDF)
EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2019 - Sweden
(1.46 MB - PDF)


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