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09 December 2021

The EC adopts the 2021-2022 work programme under AMIF's Thematic Facility

European Commission

The European Commission (EC) has adopted a work programme for the 2021-2022 implementation of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) budget. The programme, attached below, concerns the part of the AMIF budget managed under the Thematic Facility which is not implemented directly by the EC and not through the national AMIF programmes. It is therefore devoted to:

  • Union actions, or transnational actions or actions of particular EU-added value, implemented either in direct management (as grants selected through open calls or directly awarded to identified beneficiaries and procurement) or indirect management (contribution agreements with pillar-assessed entities)
  • Emergency assistance
  • Resettlement and relocation
  • Specific actions which will be implemented in shared management and contribute to the national programmes of selected EU countries

In terms of integration, the future calls for proposals under the programme are meant to provide support to the implementation of the Action plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027. The fund will therefore support proposals targeting four key actions:

  • Integration and inclusion at regional and local level
  • Access to healthcare
  • Improving digital skills among migrants
  • Promoting community sponsorship schemes and complementary pathways

These four actions will be directly implemented by the EC’s Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs, which manages AMIF.

A call under each of the four actions will be launched in early 2022. EWSI will publish the calls on the website's funding pages as soon as they are available.

AMIF Thematic Facility work programme 2021-2022
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