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01 March 2019

Ask the People – A consultation of migrants and refugees


The European Migrant Advisory Board (EMAB) has published the results of its consultation with over 500 migrants and refugees in seven EU countries. EMAB organised the consultation to gain first-hand insights from migrants and refugees regarding the impact that migration and integration policies have on them. One of the main goals of the consultation is to show that migrants and refugees have the experience and expertise to actively contribute to public debate and policymaking in migration and integration.   

The consultation focused on eight areas—integration, labour market access, housing, higher education, participation in decision-making, unaccompanied minors, access to microcredit and the EU Action Plan on Return. Participants in the consultation survey lived in Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.

Key findings

  • Employment opportunities and integration are severely undermined when migrants are allocated housing far from city centres with limited access to public services and transport.
  • Most respondents were dissatisfied with integration services provided in their host country, as well the quality of skills assessment services and both access to and quality of vocational and on-the-job training.
  • Many respondents indicated that unaccompanied minors were not sufficiently protected and noted that age assessment procedures could be discriminatory, racist, subjective and/or invasive.
  • Very few newcomers are aware of opportunities to obtain financing to start a new business. When this information is available, it is often difficult to understand.

Established in March 2018, EMAB is a diverse group of experts with immigrant and refugee backgrounds. EMAB represents the interests of migrants and refugees in Europe through participation in policy debates and local, national and European-level processes. It works to increase the participation of migrants and refugees in policymaking processes that impact their access to rights.

Ask the People – A consultation of migrants and refugees
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