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Sweden: Right To Work (Unofficial translation)

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Right to Play

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Frida Ohlsson (Login to send email)

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acting Head of Operations

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Right To Work is a project with the goal of ensuring that 100 young immigrants secure full-time jobs. The project is ongoing, from 2020 to 2022, with support from the Swedish Inheritance Fund (Allmänna arvsfonden). The project builds on the activities of Right to Play Sweden (which aims to "protect, educate and empower children to rise above adversity using the power of play"), which started in November 2016 and currently reaches 2.35 million children in 15 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Canada.

The aim of the Right To Work project is to create long-term, equal and sustainable opportunities for newly arrived young people in the labour market.



Issue/Challenge and Goal/Assumption

According to Right To Work, integration is a two-way process. The project therefore works both to empower and build the capacity of the target group (i.e. young newly-arrived immigrants) and to support employers to approach the target group. Young people need a way into the Swedish labour market, and employers need a motivated workforce and want to reach this target group of newly arrived young people, so this project enables the two groups to find each other.

Right To Work also aims to contribute to achieving the SDG:s, with the main focus on Goal 10: Increased equality, Goal 8: Decent working conditions, and Goal 5: Gender equality.

How does it work

Right To Work has built a unique method whereby it works preventively with participants at activities organised by Right To Play, who are foreign-born and newly arrived young people aged 16 - 24. Its secondary target group is employers: integration is a two-way process, so there must be an active employer recipient. 

Right To Work operates in close collaboration with the municipality, companies, sports associations and the young people themselves. It offers support, training and personal and skills strengthening to unaccompanied minors and other newly arrived young people, so that they can gain a foothold on the labour market. Thanks to collaboration with over 30 employers, Right To Work is able to create an array of employment opportunities for the project's young people.


Since the autumn of 2018 the Right To Play programme has generated over 300 jobs for the its young people. Now, through Right To Work, it aims to create 100 more. In 2018 Right To Play won the Silverhjulet communication award at the Golden Wheel Gala for Sweden's best sponsorship and partnership initiatives, in the "Community Engagement of the Year" category. In 2019, its youth leaders won "Model of the Year" at the National Diversity Gala's Diversity Index Awards, and in 2020 they were finalists at the Golden Wheel Gala. 


As a result of its excellent outcomes so far, Right To Play Sweden has received support from - among others - Sweden's innovation authority Vinnova, The Inheritance Fund (Allmänna Arvsfonden), Stockholm City Social Welfare Board, and The Swedish Crown Princess Couple's Foundation, which aims to "prevent social isolation and promote good health among children and youths in Sweden". Official evaluation of the Right To Work project has not yet been published.

Who will benefit?

Young, newly arrived immigrants and employers seeking to employ newly arrived young people.

Source of funding and Resources used

The project is funded and coordinated by Right To Play, and funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund (Allmänna arvsfonden).