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ROAR: Forklift and equipment training in Malta

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ROAR is a forklift and equipment training company based in Malta that offers onsite and in-house training for companies and individuals - including migrants and asylum-seekers - interested in working in its sector.

Within the training, the company places importance on mutual respect and inclusivity by emphasising that everybody is welcome. It also offers a transport service for those without their own car, and employs multi-language instructors. Additionally, it runs the Forward Project: a system for referring candidates to potential companies after they have completed a ROAR training programme to improve their occupational skills (including language and teamworking skills).

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Issue/Challenge and Goal/Assumption

Migrants and asylum-seekers arriving in Malta often do not possess the necessary skills or qualifications to establish themselves in the Maltese job market. ROAR seeks to offer a solution to this problem by working to improve the employment prospects of these individuals, by offering accessible training opportunities with multi-language tutors and free transportation. Courses are held on Sundays, to increase the likelihood that people will be free to attend.

The overall aim of the company's work is to prepare participants for future employment and to offer them support along the way, thus facilitating both their access to the labour market and their social inclusion.

How does it work

ROAR reaches those interested in partaking in training via social media channels. People can easily access and find information on different online platforms such as the company's Facebook page, its Instagram page, and its official website. The team also organises promotion events around the island to share information about the company's activities.

The company runs a variety of training courses for companies and individuals, including migrants and asylum-seekers. High importance is placed on mutual respect and inclusivity within these trainings, and by emphasising that everybody is welcome. The courses include the following:

  • Forklift truck 'novice', 'refresher' and 'experienced' training;
  • Mobile crane training;
  • Cherry picker training;
  • Scissor lift training;
  • Corporate training in health and safety at work.

ROAR Forward Project

Following completion of their training, ROAR offers support to candidates in building their working profile. This is given through assistance with the writing and editing process, to ensure that their CVs appear as professional as possible. ROAR then forwards these working profiles to relevant companies, and candidates are granted the opportunity to take part in an interview and prove their newly-learned skills in a 2-day evaluation period. When applicants are ultimately hired by the companies, ROAR maintains contact with both parties to make sure the new employees are comfortable and settled in their new roles.


Many third country nationals (TCN) in search of a job in Malta take part in the training, as the ROAR programme provides a way of developing technical and professional - as well as empathic - skills, language skills and a sense of belonging. Considering that steady employment is fundamental in the process of integration, the company's provision of useful tools and opportunities for accessing the Maltese labour market truly facilitates and improves its participants' integration.

The ROAR team is trained according to UK sector standards. Participants receive a certificate licence which is recognised worldwide and valid for three years, and can be renewed in any training centre.




The company receives largely positive reviews. Most participants report that they are satisfied with the skills they developed and acquired during their training, and say they would recommend the training to other workers. Additional praise is given for the dedication of the staff and trainers, and for the sense of family and community that they and the company as a whole generate. On average, 15 people per week attend the training and most succeed in obtaining a professional licence.

Who will benefit?

People seeking employment in relevant sectors in Malta, who have little to no forklift or crane operation expertise. Specifically, unskilled foreign workers and non-English speakers.

Source of funding and Resources used

ROAR is a for-profit company: participants pay a fee for the training.