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Network “Integration through Qualification” (Network IQ)

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Central Agency for Advanced Training in the Skilled Crafts (Zentralstelle für die Weiterbildung im Handwerk – ZWH)

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Wolfgang Fehl (, Sabine Schröder ( (Login to send email)

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IQ is an information and counselling network which improves working opportunities for immigrants in Germany. The network consists of six focal centers acting nationwide, thematic study-groups as well as transfer projects. IQ develops, puts to test and transfers instruments and strategies in the following fields of action: consulting, German at the workplace, business start-up, cultural mainstreaming, skill auditing and vocational qualification.
The network is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the German Federal Employment Agency (BA). IQ coordination centre is located at the ZWH – Central Agency for Advanced Training in the Skilled Crafts.

Issue/Challenge and Goal/Assumption

Entering and staying in the job market in Germany is difficult for migrants. Often, they are unemployed or less successful with the allocation of apprenticeship training positions. Furthermore, they rarely participate in further education programmes, their qualifications acquired abroad are not acknowledged, or their German is not good enough for expressing business related matters. IQ tries to improve the situation for immigrants on the German job market in the matter of all above noted action fields.

How does it work

Consulting: IQ provides access to a continous, open result consulting, e.g. through co-operating with migrant migrants.

German at the workplace: IQ develops modules, provides concepts and curricula for language classes which can be adopted by companies, advice service centers etc.

Skill auditing
: IQ has developed several procedures to determine competencies, e.g. within the scope of professional and career consulting or assessment center proceedings.

Vocational qualification
: IQ facilitates the access to existing vocational qualification opportunities and develops tailor-made further education.

Cultural mainstreaming: IQ proves how small and medium-sized businesses, public authorithies and employees benefit from cultural mainstreaming.

Business start-up
: IQ pleads for the transfer of declared procedures which include new ways of monitoring and supporting through all steps of business-start-up.


  • Network IQ is featured in the ”National Integration Plan” of  the German Government. To implement the instruments from the IQ network broadly is one of the negotiated agreements with German Government.
  • From 2005-2007 IQ network supported more than 12,500 migrants to improve their job situation. While the Network IQ worked closely with the Federal Employment Agency and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS), another 2,500 stakeholders have been involved.


The company anakonde (analysis and concepts about migration, integration, community development and evaluation is responsible for the evaluation of the network IQ (Integration through Qualification). The evaluation is process orientated and follows a resource oriented approach, applying both qualitative as well as quantitative methods. anakonde strives to empower all involved partners through stimulating continuous self monitoring and reflection.
Evaluation results for the period 2005 to 2007 show a high efficiency of the work of the whole network to integrate migrants into the labour market. The network partners highlight in their work that migrants have skills which are not used in the existing system. A necessary pre-condition for the integration of migrants into the labour market is seen in the process of diversity management and intercultural opening of institutions both in the corporate world as well as in governmental administrations and non governmental organisations .
In the second period (2008 to 2010) the focus of the network and its evaluation is on the transfer of the above mentioned principles and results into institutions  (

Who will benefit?

Adults with migration background who face problems in entering and staying on the German job market; all kinds of  job market stakeholders.

Source of funding and Resources used

IQ has been financed by national funds from the BMAS and ESF (Equal 2005-2007). Since 2008, resources are provided solely by BMAS; per year the network receives about 7 million Euro.