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Meeting on the Crossroad: Complex Measures for Strengthening of the Third Countries’ Citizens – Women Integration

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Different cities in Lithuania



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The Studio for self-Awareness and self-Realization

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Eglė Paužienė, Rasa Urbšienė (Login to send email)

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The main aim of the project – to develop methodologies and training tools in order to support third-country nationals having different economic and social statuses, cultural and religious backgrounds, languages and ethnic belongings to meet the accommodation needs and to facilitate their integration into the Lithuania society.

Issue/Challenge and Goal/Assumption

The main objective of the project – to increase the efficiency of the social integration of migrant women, improving the skills of their Lithuanian language, deepening their knowledge about Lithuania and to strengthen their adaptation in the new country, by providing relevant information.

How does it work

Project activities: Development of new Informative Printed Resources in several languages; Lithuanian language training and integration courses for migrant women; Information portal containing useful information about Lithuania: the rules of staying in Lithuania, accommodation problems, Lithuanian language, information of labour and business, education, health,
culture and leisure. Information is provided in Lithuanian, English and Russian.


Online resources: History of Lithuania for newcomers; Practical handbook and „Guide to institutional – civil life“ for migrant training; Lithuanian ethnic culture and traditions for newcomers; Practical handbook and „Education and culture in Lithuania today“ for migrant training; Values and attitudes in Lithuania for newcomers; Practical handbook and „Social – economic situation in Lithuania today“ for migrants training; Teaching material on Lithuanian language, history, ethnic culture and values.


Increased social integration of women third-country nationals into the community of Lithuania.

Improved their Lithuanian language skills.

Deepened their knowledge about Lithuania’s history, culture and traditions.

Raised their awareness about living in Lithuania.

Who will benefit?

Thirds country nationals, residing in Lithuania. Nongovernmental organisations, operating in an area of immigration, human rights and migrant integration; local communities.

Source of funding and Resources used

The project “Lithuania. Meeting on the Crossroad”: Strengthening Integration of the TCN Women”, funded by the 2010 Program of European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals.