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Luxembourg: Music therapy for refugees

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GML (Gesellschaft fir Musiktherapie zu Lëtzebuerg)

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Cathy Schmartz (Login to send email)

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Numerous studies show that people fleeing from war and prosecution have a high risk of developing psychological issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Beyond language barriers, articulating a traumatic experience can be challenging with the use of words.

In this context, Gesellschaft fir Musiktherapie zu Lëtzebuerg asbl (GML) developed this project so that refugees can use music therapy as a non-verbal medium to express themselves and facilitate their integration in Luxembourg.  

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Issue/Challenge and Goal/Assumption

Music therapy sessions in a group can reduce the stress and anxieties linked to what asylum seekers face, including:

  • The dangerous conditions of their migration journeys.
  • The loss of their linguistic, cultural and material reference points.
  • The distance from their family.

Through the project, Gesellschaft fir Musiktherapie zu Lëtzebuerg asbl (GML) seeks to contribute to a better life quality for refugees to enable them to overcome their problems, activate their personal resources, develop resilience and facilitate their integration in their new environment.

How does it work

To achieve its objectives, GML undertakes the following activities:

  • Disseminate information on music therapy, training and fields of action.
  • Take steps to recognise the profession with the various ministries, in collaboration with the ALAtD (Luxembourg Association of Graduated Art Therapists).
  • Promote exchanges between music therapists and interdisciplinary exchanges.
  • Organise conferences, training, supervisions and collaborate with national and international organisations.


The project has worked with about 50 beneficiaries. Observations by the therapists and exchanges with the Red Cross team as well as the evaluations by the beneficiaries themselves provide a positive assessment in relation with the expected results:

  • An increase in self-respect, assertiveness and confidence.
  • Improvement in the sense of community.
  • Link with the culture of origin (rhythms, songs, dances).
  • Rediscovery of creative resources.
  • Better adaptation to the new environment.
  • Improvement and strengthening of personal resources.

Who will benefit?

Beneficiaries are non-accompanied minors, adults living in the housing accommodations of the Red Cross as well as the Luxembourgian hosting society.

Source of funding and Resources used

  • 1st phase: National Lottery: Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.
  • The musical instruments were sponsored by Edmond de Rothschild Bank and Soroptimist Edmond de Rothschild and Club Soroptimist Mosaïk de Rédange Mosaïk of Rédange.
  • 2nd phase: punctual aid by the National Lottery.
  • 3rd phase: GML is committed to funding up to 50% and are looking for private donors to cover the rest of the costs to sustain the project.