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Intercultural Girls Meeting

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Ingolstadt, Bavaria



Type of Information

Project or programme


Health Office of the City of Ingolstadt

Contact Person

Anita Bordon-Kornke (Login to send email)

Contact Person Function

Social worker

Project Start


Ongoing Project



Once a month the Girls Meeting takes place for girls aged 10-18 years with an immigrant background. We offer activities concerning youth relevant subjects in the native language and in German in cooperation with the existing youthclubs, sports associtaions, integration initiatives and churches.

Issue/Challenge and Goal/Assumption


  • Create and manage meaningful leisure time
  • Support dealing with issues/problems for example in school, groups, job training and job practice
  • Support dealing with issues of smoking, alcohol, nutrition, behaviour
  • To strengthen the sense of responsibility and the identity in the immigrant society

The main target group are girls with immigrant and/or ethnic resettler background with low social status and integration challenges.

How does it work

Together with the girls, the annual plan is structured regarding content and time. The girls then get an invitation to the monthly meeting and additional activities about about 1 week before the meeting.

The activities include exchange talks about sensitive subjects, visits of local business and entreprises to get an idea of potential job perspectives and school supporting activities. Furthermore the girls' problems can be adressed in individual talks.

The meeting takes place in the premises of the district management and with regard to the existing initiatives of the administration, schools and local engagement. The local acceptence, knowledge and respect of the work of meeting point is relatively high.


The target group is involved in the substantive work. Similarly, the local youth club Young Germans from Russia (JDR) is involved. Attendance lists are maintained. The continuous and regular participation of girls and always recruiting new participants show that the objectives will be achieved.


Frequent participation in evaluative talks of the girls is very important. There are regular voluntary surveys carried out among the girls.

Furthermore, the activities are documented in the annual report, which is reviewed by the funding administration on a regular base.

Who will benefit?

Annually 15-20 girls from 10 to 18 with migration background, low social status and integration problems come to the meetings and benefit from the activities of the meeting point.

Source of funding and Resources used

  • Partly budget of the Health Office of the City of Ingolstadt, Department of Drug Prevention, remaining financing will be on applications to foundations and financial support from the club JDR.
  • Two qualified social workers, one especially qualified for migrant issues are the contact persons and implementers.