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Housing rights website for migrants to Britain

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The housing rights website provides detailed guidance for new arrivals to Britain, and their advisers, about their entitlements to help with housing. It currently covers England and during March 2011 will be extended to Scotland and Wales.

Issue/Challenge and Goal/Assumption

New arrivals in Britain, and their advisers, are often unclear about their housing rights. This website aims to provide clear, detailed and legally-correct guidance.

How does it work

The website has a set of pages for migrants or 'new arrivals' and another set for advisers or practitioners. In each case, there are separate pages for England and for Scotland. The pages on England are being revised to cover England and Wales. The new arrivals pages are in English, but written in accessible language. There are separate pages for different categories of new arrival, eg refugees, EU nationals, nationals from EU accessions states, other workers, family members, students, etc. There are separate pages for those suffering domestic violence and those with care needs. In each case the person's entitlement to social housing, help if homelessness and financial assistance (through housing benefit) are all explained. There is a separate set of pages for advisers which are more detailed, with guidance on the law and on government policy. There are links to other sources of information. The website is updated as rules or entitlements change and has been checked to ensure it reflects current UK and EU law.


Approximately 5,000 visitors to the site per month,


Through user feedback.

Who will benefit?

New arrivals in Britain, advice agencies and housing providers.

Source of funding and Resources used

Building and Social Housing Foundation (UK) and others.