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CICSENE: Accommodation for vulnerable people (Unofficial translation)

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Gianfranco Cattai (Login to send email)

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The CICSENE housing programme mediates between home owners and disadvantaged groups who do not have easy access to housing. Providing different services, ranging from legal advice to matching and intermediation, it supports both people who own a home and vulnerable people who often face obstacles in accessing housing. Among its beneficiaries, 70% are migrants.

Issue/Challenge and Goal/Assumption

Challenge: Many disadvantaged groups in Italy do not have easy access to housing, and there is a continuing reluctance among home owners to rent to these groups.

Goal: CICSENE aims to support both disadvantaged groups (many of whom are migrants) and these home owners, by offering assistance, guarantees and consultancy on housing problems. Moreover, through intermediation, CICSENE works to raise awareness and promote ethical practices.

How does it work

CICSENE provides the following services:

  • Sourcing potential tenants;
  • Preliminary interview with potential tenants to assess solvency;
  • Activating and supporting vulnerable people in their search for rental accommodation and finding a suitable housing solution through local networks;
  • Matching existing support;
  • Supporting tenants who are not able to provide sufficient guarantees to home owners, by signing a mutual agreement called a “piano mutualistico salva affitti” in order to provide support to tenants and guarantees to home owners;
  • During the contract period, providing intermediation and consultancy on housing problems.

In order to achieve its objectives, CICSENE has established a network involving local associations (e.g. Turin Association of Accountants, Ufficio PIo- Compagnia di SanPaolo) and public institutions (e.g. Municipality of Turin, Municipality of Alessandria, Municipality of Bra, ATC housing local agency) with the purpose of sharing information and experiences. Nineteen organisations and institutions are members of the network, while 71 organisations and associations cooperate with it. CICSENE also supports public institutions looking for innovative housing solutions.


Since 2002, CICSENE has supported 2300 households in Turin to find housing solutions. More than 8000 home owners have been contacted.


The programme has been promoted by the Ministry of Interior's Department for civil liberties and immigration, 1) in an article in the department's bimonthly magazine in 2013, available here, and 2) in 2014 at the Italian National Conference organised in the framework of the Italian Precidency of the Council of the European Union: Conferenza Nazionale “Verso la costruzione di una policy europea per le migrazioni : governance multilivello e strategie di integrazione”.

CICSENE has also been selected as an example of best practice in the CAPACITY METRO project, funded by the Ministry of Interior under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and coordinated by the SSIIM UNESCO CHAIR, IUAV University of Venice.

Who will benefit?

CICSENE provides generalist services, which do not explicitly target migrants. However, among beneficiaries, 70% are migrants, and the programme can therefore be said to be making a big difference to the lives of migrants in the country in terms of practical support, their wellbeing and their social integration.

Source of funding and Resources used

CICSENE draws on a mix of resources (public and private contributions). It has been involved in different projects funded by AMIF.