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BQN Berlin

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Berlin braucht dich! (Berlin needs you!) is a regional initiative, which aims at  successfully creating the transition from school to vocational training for young migrants. For this purpose a consortium was established consisting of more than 30 schools and 50 companies in Berlin.

The main objective is to support young people from migrant families in their occupational orientation through different types of internships from grade (form) 7 to 10, raise their awareness of the opportunities in the public sector as well as motivating them to apply for qualified vocational training. The initiative gives adolescent  new perspectives and strengthens the intercultural opening of public administrations as well as private and public enterprises.

Berlin needs you! was established 2006 by the Commissioner of Berlin for Integration and Migration and is coordinated by BQN Berlin, the Vocational Qualification Network for Migrants in Berlin.

Issue/Challenge and Goal/Assumption

Until now the proportion of trainees and employees with a migration background in the public sector and private companies in Berlin is relatively low. Since 2006 the overall aim of BQN Berlin and its initiative Berlin needs you! is to raise this percentage to 25% in the public administrations as well as in private and public enterprises. 

To achieve that Berlin needs you! offers young people with migration background the opportunity  to do different types of internships in 12 occupational fields and over 100 qualified occupations requiring formal training. 

How does it work

A consortium was established in 2009 to foster the cooperation between schools, young migrants, public administration, private and public companies, institutions of career orientation and the Federal Employment Agency.

How the cooperation works is elaborated in the manual of internships (Handbuch für Betriebsbedingungen, Berlin 2011).


Since 2006 the number of trainees from migrant families in Berlin needs you!-companies has continuously increased. In 2012 19,3% of the trainees in the public administration and the public companies had a migration background, as opposed to 8,6 % of those in 2006.


All types of internships are routinely evaluated and documented. Additionally, the public administration, the public and private companies and the schools evaluate all types of internships as well. In joint evaluation meetings experiences are being exchanged, analyzed and documented. The impressions and experiences of the students are being documented through evaluation forms.

Who will benefit?

The main target groups of Berlin need you! are on the one hand young students with a migration background and on the other hand schools, public and private companies and the public administration, which are aimed at being culturally diversified.

Source of funding and Resources used

  • The financing is granted  through state means and the ESF. The annual budget/budget averages: 600,000 €
  • 13 scientific employees and 2 administrative employees