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Integration Practices

This section of the Web Site contains the collection of good practices. For more information on the definition of good practices and the selection criteria, please follow this link.

Date Title Organisation Area
16/07/2008 Stuttgart Pact for Integration Municipality of Stuttgart de
16/07/2008 Sefton's Race Equality Scheme Equalities Partnership gb
16/07/2008 Centre d’Informació per a Treballadors i Treballadores Estrangers’ (CITE) Labour Union CCOO and Municipality of Terrassa es
16/07/2008 House of National Minorities Municipality of Prague cz
16/07/2008 Dublin City Public Libraries Dublin City Public Libraries ie
16/07/2008 Intercultural opening of the city’s offices and companies Municipality of Frankfurt am Main de
16/07/2008 Centre for validation of occupational skills Municipality of Malmö se
16/07/2008 Equality and Diversity Label Municipality of Liège be
16/07/2008 Diversity Policy in Employment and Service Provision Municipality of Copenhagen dk
16/07/2008 Punto Incontro Municipality of Brescia it