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#TellCorona – Video messages to reach marginalised communities

The Swedish journalist Nuri Kino produces short videos related to COVID-19 in different languages and publishes them on the website The idea is that people who are well-connected within their immigrant communities and language groups are the best disseminators of information about the virus. This includes sport stars, TV-hosts, artists and other celebrities.


Issue/challenge and goal/assumption

The aim of this initiative is to help more people understand the health emergency caused by the virus and thereby help prevent transmission.


How does it work

Artists, sport stars and other celebrities volunteer to record a short video message. The video is then uploaded to the site and shared with the public.

The project tries to identify people who are well-known by the public and have a wide reach. According to Nuri Kino in an interview with the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, it is important to bring in celebrities and other well-known figures because they are received in a completely different way than a Swedish official or politician.



There are currently video clips in 16 different languages, and the number grows day-by-day.

Examples include marathon runner Mostafa Mohamed who gives information in Somali; MMA fighter Beneil Dariush, who delivers his message in Syrian; and singer Francisca who talks about the virus in Romanian.



This is an ongoing project developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who will benefit?

The project targets people who belong to marginalised immigrant communities who might have difficulties accessing information in the majority language in the country where they are currently living.


Source of funding and Resources used

Funding comes from private donations and voluntary work. 


Nuri Kino
Initiator, project leader

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