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NewIn, the METRO Group’s intercultural partnership program

NewIn is an intercultural partnership program between NewComers (new employees) and InSiders (experienced staff members). It brings together NewComers from different countries, cultures and outlets and experienced InSiders. NewIn supports the integration of new employees in the corporate culture of METRO Group.

InSiders are the NewComer’s contact persons, advisors and partners in the company. They help new employees during the initial period in their new work environment. InSiders and NewComers share professional, cultural and personal knowledge and experiences. They learn from each other and gain valuable new perspectives and impressions.

Issue/challenge and goal/assumption

Some 290,000 employees from 150 nations are working at METRO Group worldwide. The increasing level of internationality in the METRO Group reflects the rising level of cultural diversity in society. Immigration and changes of international work locations have become common features of today’s work life.

The program is constructed to help new employees to quickly settle in in their new working environment with the help of an experienced colleague. The program provides a basis to broaden both partners’ horizons and to exchange views and experiences.

How does it work

Partnerships between participants at the same location are arranged through an automatic matching process. Within a period of three to six months (or optionally longer) the InSider helps the NewComer to get to know the corporate culture of the METRO Group, new colleagues, habits and customs. In return the InSider receives new information and insights of a different culture. Regular personal meetings based on mutual respect and goodwill form the basis of NewIn. After six months the METRO Group awards a certificate to the participants. NewComers are also given the opportunity to become InSiders. InSiders who enjoyed passing on their experienced are welcome to support another NewComer.


Quick integration of new employees and intercultural exchange of experience



Anonymous questionnaires facilitate detailed feedback

Who will benefit?

New employees as well as experienced staff members.

Furthermore, the employer benefits because new employees can effectively start to work quickly and without a lengthy orientation period. The employee turnover of the company is also reduced by intensive integration.

Source of funding and Resources used

Initial expenditures for the development of an online tool; but no permanent expenses for running the program.


Rouben Halajian
Head of International Human Resources Policies
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