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Berlin needs you!

The campaign "Berlin braucht dich!" (Berlin needs you!) appeals to youth, parents and teachers. It provides information about training facilities and forms a network of supporting institutions. The campaign motivates the youngsters to apply for vocational training programs. With it the campaign indicates new perspectives for the youngsters and makes contributions to a varied, cosmopolitan and economical industry as well as to the administrative bodies. The campaign "Berlin braucht dich!" is an initiative of the Commissioner of Berlin for Integration and Migration and is coordinated by BQN Berlin, the Vocational Qualification Network for Immigrants in Berlin.

Issue/challenge and goal/assumption

There are still too few trainees and employees with a migration background working within the public sector of Berlin. The campaign „Berlin braucht dich!“ is devoted to change this. Since 2006 BQN Berlin by order of the Senate of Berlin carries out the campaign with the aim to raise the portion of trainees with a migration background in the public sector and in the public companies by 25%.
The campaign opens educational perspectives for youngsters with a migration background in 12 occupational fields and over 100 qualified jobs and courses of studies. Moreover, since 2009 the campaign recruits more and more immigrants into various teaching professions.

How does it work

In order to raise the portion of trainees with a migration background within the public sector in Berlin during the next years by 25%, the campaign "Berlin braucht dich!" relies on the implementation of mandatory structures for cooperation between schools, public administration and companies. Through this the resources of all actors should be pooled and utilized for the occupation-orienting and education-protecting activities within the campaign.


As a result of the first three years of the campaign the ratio of trainees with a migration background has almost doubled within the trainees in the public sector and is at 14.3% as of 2008. The participating parties in the transition between school and occupation, in particular schools and companies, identify themselves strongly with the integrating aim of the campaign and strive for professionalism in dealing with variety.


The occupation-orienting activities at the schools of the campaign are accurately evaluated. To find out whether and how the single components of the campaign are effective in regards to the common integration goal, statistical data are gathered and evaluated. The focus hereby lies in the quantitative change that arises from the adjustments and optimizations. In order to facilitate the evaluation, a procedure was introduced which enables all training authorities within the public sector in Berlin to identify the migration background of its new trainees.

Who will benefit?

Main target groups of the campaign are young immigrants in transition between school and occupation. They should be motivated to apply for a vocational training within the state Berlin. The message "Berlin braucht dich!" sparks a positive impulse in the families and migrants communities to encourage their youngsters. Indirect target groups are teachers and instructors who support the integration aim by an intercultural sensitive professional contact with youngsters.

Source of funding and Resources used

  • The financing occurs through state means and the ESF. In addition, the support from complementary solo projects takes place. Annual budget/budget all together: 600,000 euros
  • 6 scientific employees and 2 employees


BQN Berlin, das Berufliche Qualifizierungsnetzwerk für Migrantinnen und Migranten in Berlin
Klaus Kohlmeyer

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