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Sweden: Intensive Year programme facilitates integration and employment

The Swedish government introduced the Intensive Year programme for newly arrived asylum seekers, with the goal of securing them employment more quickly. The programme, to be run by the Swedish Public Employment Service, will begin on 15 April 2021

The idea is that the programme's participants will find their first job within one year, following completion of the first intensive year.

The intensive year will consist of language and employment skills training, which will facilitate and accelerate participants' entry into the labour market within the industry for which they have relevant experience and/or qualifications.

A key goal of the programme is to ensure that equal performance is expected of both women and men, and that they receive the same support. The government said that the programme should be run from a gender equality perspective, ensuring equal participation throughout the year, equal access to job opportunities and equal success in securing employment.

The programme will be full-time, with the opportunity to combine it with formal studies and participation in other integration initiatives, for example mentorship projects. 

The Intensive Year programme will be offered to those newly arrived in Sweden who are able to commit to full time participation and deemed sufficiently motivated.

The Swedish Public Employment Service will issue a certificate of knowledge to participants upon completion of the programme.

Read more about the programme online.