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Sweden: Increase of refugee resettlement quota from 1800 to 5000 per year

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Last night, world leaders met at UN headquarters in New York to discuss the global refugee crisis. As one of the co-organisers, Sweden, through Prime Minister Löfven, announced that the Social Democratic and Green Party government have concluded an agreement with the Centre-right opposition to gradually increase the resettlement quota of refugees, from 1800 to 5000 per year until 2018. This announcement comes only a few days after the neighbouring Danish government decided to stop their resettlement programme of a yearly 500 refugees.

The UN meeting in New York saw 50 countries promising to double their current total reception quota and receive 360,000 refugees. 'I think more and more people understand that it is absolutely essential that more countries take greater responsibility ... If we do not help each other, it will be worse for everyone' said the Swedish Prime Minister.

Sweden is one of the 30 countries in the world with an annual regular resettlement programs, in cooperation with UNHCR. 

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