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Spanish prime minister announces Citizenship and Integration Plan in Marrakech

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has announced a new Citizenship and Integration Plan and a specific state fund to support immigrant integration. The announcement was made during a speech at the summit for the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) organised by the United Nations in Marrakech.

Although Sánchez did not provide details of the initiatives during his speech, he did state that the measures will be articulated together with autonomous communities and municipalities across Spain, emphasising the need for cohesive and inclusive societies. During his remarks, Sánchez endorsed the GCM and declared Spain’s commitment to the GCM’s principles.

The Secretary of State for Migration, Consuelo Rumí, also attended the summit. In statements to journalists, Rumí explained that the Government is already working on the Citizenship and Integration Plan, which will be presented in the coming months. Rumí stated that the plan will be ‘not only for immigrants, but for all of Spanish society, for immigrants and Spaniards, because that is the only way to foster coexistence’. Rumí stated that the Government will speak with all parties represented in parliament as well as with civil society about the plan.

Regarding the fund for immigrant integration, Rumí says it will allow for collaboration with regional and local governments. The Secretary thus recognised the importance of cities and acknowledged the need for funds at the municipal level regardless of party affiliation.

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