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Spain: The economic activity rate of immigrants exceeds that of nationals (Unofficial translation)

The economic activity rate of non-EU citizens in Spain reached 82% in 2015 and surpassed that of Spanish nationals, which stood at 78.7%, according to the latest data on labour market integration of immigrants published by the EU statistical office Eurostat.

However, in most Member States the employment rate of EU citizens exceeded that of third country nationals, except in Greece (72.6% of national versus 80.7% of non-EU), Slovenia (75.7 % versus 83.5%), Slovakia (76.2% versus 81.3%), Italy (67.9% vs. 72.6%), Spain (78.7% vs. 82%), Cyprus, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

On average, the difference between the activity rate of non-EU (69.8%) and national (77.3%) was 7.5 percentage points last year. In general, non-EU workers had to cope with a higher unemployment rate than European citizens.

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