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Romania: WEB-NGO Program for free design, development, implementation and hosting of Romanian NGO websites (Unofficial translation)

Digital Europe Association invites non-governmental organisations to participate in the WEB-NGO Program, offering free design, development, implementation and hosting of websites for Romanian NGOs. The Program aims to:

  • support NGOs in the development of their promotion capacity
  • increase the absorption rate of all funds
  • increase the visibility of NGOs at national and international level, in order to access EEA, Google and EU Grants
  • facilitate interaction and communication between NGOs, civil society, government, etc.
  • stimulate cooperation and mobility between non-governmental organisations in order to modernise and adapt promotion and communication systems

NGOs that wish to apply for the WEB-NGO Program must become members of the Digital Europe Association. Applications will be processed and approved in the order of their registration. Additional eligibility criteria are:

  • the organisation must be constituted in accordance with Government Ordinance no. 26/2000
  • the organisation does not have an official website;
  • the organisation holds a bank account in Romanian currency;
  • the person responsible for the implementation of Measure 201 has higher education.

The Program can finance a total number of 200 projects (equally distributed among the 8 development micro-regions) and there is no deadline for application.

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