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Romania: Imminent implementtation of the EU relocation scheme, accommodation remains an unsolved issue (Unofficial translation)

In early March 2016, Romania will receive the first migrants within the relocation scheme agreed at the EU level. The country is expected to receive a total of 6,205 migrants in the next 2 years. According to the General Inspectorate for Immigration, cited by Euroactiv, Romania has already initiated procedures to relocate 190 migrants from Italy and 125 migrants from Greece. A first group of 11 migrants will arrive in Romania at the beginning of March and will be housed in the reception and accommodation centre for asylum seekers in Galați.

In Romania, there are six centres for the reception and accommodation of asylum seekers - in Bucharest, Galați, Rădăuți (Suceava county), Șomcuta Mare (Maramureș county), Giurgiu and Timișoara - with an overall capacity of 950 people and the possibility of creating temporarily other 700-800 additional spots. In order to increase the country's migrants accommodation capacity, the Ministry of Internal Affairs intended to create new reception centres in Tăşnad (Satu Mare county), Bumbeşti Jiu (Gorj county) and Câmpulung Muscel (Argeş county). For the moment, all projects seem to have been abandoned due to strong opposition from the local communities. In Ardud (Satu Mare county), a nonprofit foundation (Association Freres România) initiated a project aiming to create a centre for the accommodation of migrants in the area, but the project was ceased due to protests and resistance from the local community. According to the mayor of Ardud, cited by Gândul, locals have expressed fear, based on violent incidents involving migrants reported in the media.