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Portugal: New course to teach all pupils human values, including diversity (Unofficial translation)

As part of the National Strategy for Citizenship Education presented on 15 September, the course Citizenship and Development will be taught in 235 schools across Portugal during the academic year of 2017-18. Promoting a fairer, more supportive and inclusive society through education is the central objective of this pilot project that will prepare young citizens with competences in human values, diversity, and "knowing the other."

During this pilot phase, the new course only covers the initial years of each teaching cycle: 1st, 5th, 7th and 10th grades. In the first cycle of education, the course has a transdisciplinary nature, in the second and third cycles, Citizenship and Development will be a separate course, evaluated in a similar fashion to the other curricular courses. The course will be organised in three groups:

  1. compulsory for all levels and cycles of schooling, dealing with themes such as human rights, gender equality, interculturality, sustainable development, environmental education or health.
  2. covering at least two cycles of basic education and focussing on topics such as media, institutions and democratic participation, financial literacy, consumer education, sexuality and road safety.
  3. optional but available for any year of schooling and will address the themes of entrepreneurship, labour market, risk, security, defence and peace, animal welfare and volunteering.


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