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Poland: Poles accept employment of foreigners only for certain jobs (Unofficial translation)


According to the latest Ipsos survey commissioned by the International Organisation for Migration, the acceptance of foreigners taking up low-skilled jobs in Poland, such as those in the construction or agriculture sector, is on the rise. However, the poll also shows that the acceptance of foreigners employed for jobs that require higher qualifications, e.g. nurses or doctors, is declining.

Furthermore, while only one in four Poles believes that foreigners have a positive influence on the national labour market, 45 percent are of the opinion that this influence is negative. Nearly half, especially inhabitants of big cities, also expressed fear of competition from migrant workers. This may be explained by the fact that there are more foreigners living and working in big cities.

In general, attitudes of Poles towards Ukrainians, the most numerous immigrant group on the Polish labour market, are more positive than one year ago. Fewer are of the opinion that Ukrainians pose a threat to Poland’s security, more declare that Ukrainians are trustworthy and are willing to accept them as close friends, neighbours or co-workers.

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