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Malta: Migrants initiatives to ease their integration process in the society

A new network of non-EU nationals organisations called Third Country National Support Network Malta (TSN Malta) has been established in Malta. The plateform is meant to encourage migrants organisations to help each other and the Maltese society to grow more favorable towards TCNs integration.

The project, supported by the Foundation for the Support and Shelter of Migrants and funded by an EEA agreement features 17 organisations coming together and working towards a capacity-building programme. Activities organised by TCNs aim to contribute to their integration through their acceptation by the Maltese; as attendees get to know and appreciate the various cultures of migrants in a non-threatening environment. Under the name Walk Around the World, several events are organised by the network.

Other ongoing projects also serve the same purpose. It is the case for an innovative integration project called Herbs and Flowers which started in 2013. It consists of series of workshops where people from various countries, including natives, meet up to share their live experiences or stories through herbs and flowers. The latter are used as common ground between different cultures in order to create a bridge between them. This audio-clip (in Maltese) explains the concept.

These migrants initiatives are not only bridging the gap among several communities but also with the native population.