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Latvia: Relocated refugees are leaving Latvia for Germany (Unofficial translation)

As reported by the Latvian state television in the programme Aizliegtais Paņēmiens (Forbidden Methods) on 5 September, 21 out of the 23 members of the first group of refugees who have arrived in Latvia through the EU relocation programme have left the country for Germany. Lowered benefits as well as the inability to find accommodation or work are the main reasons behind their departure, confirmed State Secretary at the Interior Ministry Ilze Pētersone-Godmane.

In 2015, financial allowances were reduced from €256 to €139 per month for family heads, and €97 for additional family members. As result, approximately 20 refugees protested at the asylum seeker's centre in Mucenieki on 8 August, expressing their discontent regarding the low level of benefits.

Latvia committed to welcome 531 refugees in 2 years within the EU relocation programme. So far, the country has granted international protection to 69.

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