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Greece: Call for registration for NGOs dealing with migration issues

The Greek Ministry of Interior has launched a new online platform allowing Greek and Foreign Non-Governmental Organisations active in Greece in the area of international protection, migration and social integration to register as such. The Ministry has therefore published a call for registration.

Data requested include:

  • identification details of the entity (name, geographic scope of activation, etc.),
  • information on the establishment (documents constituting or evidencing the requisite power), 
  • fiscal information, 
  • financial information (balance sheet/ financial report-budget etc.), 
  • details of the legal representative in Greece 
  • services provided (beneficiaries/ target group/ areas of activities etc.), 
  • logistics 
  • paid staff/ volunteers and duration of their stay and employment,
  • actions of the entity (a summary report of projects implemented over the last two years).

NGOs are to keep all provided information up-to-date and revise their profiles to include subsequent changes such as termination of activities (on the Greek territory) or withdrawing from the field of actions.

The National Register is established by the Unit of the NGOs Register and Cooperation with Civil Society Entities, at the Directorate of Social Integration and under the General Secretariat for Migration Policy. Create a profile