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Europe: Phase 2 of the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees launched

One year ago, the Council of Europe’s Education Department launched a pilot project aiming to assess refugees skills. Its Head of Department Sjur Bergan reports in an interview that the second phase of the so called European Qualifications Passport for Refugees (EQPR) started on 28 March 2018. In addition to Norway, the United Kingdom, France, Greece, Armenia and Italy which already participated in Phase 1, the pilot has been joined by Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. 

The new phase will also see an increased use of online technologies. Participant countries are for example testing online interviews and information storage. Moreover, although most of the assessments will still focus on higher education, secondary education qualifications will also be evaluated. Both formats will be tested with a more diverse group of refugees as beneficiaries now include several countries of origins. Last but not least, EQPR holders will be involved in the project through an Alumni Network. Find out more in Sjur Bergan's interview

Delivered "passports" are to be recognised throughout Europe, meaning that once qualifications assessed in a Member State, the process is not repeated elsewhere and its holders' qualifications are recognised in all EU countries. Project website

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