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Europe: EU Skills Profile Tool now recommending online courses

The EU Skills Profile Tool is a multilingual platform which helps organisations offering assistance to Third Country Nationals to map their skills, qualifications and work experiences, as well as to provide them with personalised advice on further steps. The Tool now provides a new module, offering the opportunity to select online courses like MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses).

Based on information entered on the Tool, users will receive recommendations on relevant online courses. For example, if a user states that he or she wants to learn or improve his or her level of English, online English courses will appear in both the "Recommendations" and "Courses" sections. All courses are free and available in several European and non-EU languages. Released in November 2017, with beta version already made available in June of the same year, the Tool also offers referrals to recognition of diplomas, skills validation, further training or employment support services.

If your organisation is using the Tool, the European Commission would like to learn more about your experiences. Send an email to to share your feedback, specifying the context in which you use the Tool (by refugees, guidance counsellors, NGO employees etc.).

If not, test the Tool or take a look at this video tutorial to learn how to use it.