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Czech Republic: The Czech Bar Association to advocate for pro bono legal services to immigrants (Unofficial translation)

The managing board of the Czech Bar Association discussed during its meetings, held on 14 and 15 September, suggestions concerning problems with guaranteeing legal rights for immigrants from African and Asian countries in the territory of the Czech Republic. It raised concerns about signals of possible denial of rights to persons from these countries; as they are sometimes gathered in inhuman conditions, in former prisons for example, and often lack comprehensive information on their legal status. The association also indicates that it has been reported that immigrants have seen their money confiscated, and in some cases, their children suffered repressive measures as well.

Considering that each person in the territory of the Czech Republic possesses constitutional right for legal help, the Czech Bar Association appealed all lawyers, mainly from the regions where the detention facilities for these persons are located, to provide pro bono legal services to refugees. The association also informed that a working group with task to coordinate the legal help for immigrants has been established.

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