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4,000 Dutch state language tests are on hold after social media leaks

One of the requirements for many third-country nationals in the Netherlands to obtain long-term residency or citizenship is the civic integration exam, which includes a Dutch language component that can be satisfied by passing the state exam on Dutch language (Nt2). But no one will be able to take the Nt2 exam until early 2019 because so many parts of the test have been leaked on social media. Some 4,000 people who were expected to take the exams between now and the end of the year will instead have to wait until early 2019, when new versions of the test are available.

According to education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven, ‘Candidates who know the questions in advance can easily pass,’ so the test must be put on hold for now. Questions from other parts of the integration exams, including the test on knowledge of Dutch society, will also be removed due to leaks. But the minister has stated that enough questions from those tests are left that they can still proceed.

Candidates who needed to pass the language tests to meet their civic integration (inburgering) criteria will have their deadlines extended. The inburgering exams have been criticised for being ‘patronising and old-fashioned’ as well as asking irrelevant questions without clear right or wrong answers choices.

Read Dutch government's official letter on the delay of language tests