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The Wages of Fear: Attitudes Towards Refugees and Migrants in Poland (Unofficial translation)

This report, part of the ‘Empowering Communities in Europe’ initiative of the British Council, concerns attitudes towards migrants and refugees in Poland. The report’s authors examine the legal and factual background of migration in Poland and how the Polish public—and in particular, young people—view immigrants and refugees in Poland.

The report consists of three parts:

  1. The first part, authored by Justyna Seges Frelak, presents main facts about immigration in Poland and the country’s migration policy. Moreover, it analyses the results of public opinion surveys on attitudes towards migrants and refugees and shows how political and media discourse may have had an impact on the change in these attitudes since mid-2015. The author points out that 'young people are the least in favour of receiving refugees'.
  2. Beata Łaciak, the author of the second part of the report, expands on this topic by presenting the results of focus group interviews with young people conducted in three Polish cities. She shows that young people—regardless of their political or ideological views—are against Poland’s taking in refugees.
  3. The report follows with a set of recommendations on how different institutions, including schools, media and the Roman Catholic Church, could contribute to changing the negative narrative on migrants and refugees currently prevailing in the public debate in Poland.

The report was published in the framework of the project 'Empowering Communities in Europe', led by the British Council. See other reports in this series for Czech Republic, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Source: The British Council