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Summary of NORFACE research 2009-2014

The NORFACE Research Programme on Migration is a programme of 12 transnational research projects on the theme of 'Migration in Europe: Social, Economic, Cultural and Policy Dynamics'. The programme received funding through the European Commission 7th Framework Programme. This executive summary presents a description of the programme, as well as its main findings and implications for policymakers:

  • Integration of migrants in the labour market takes time, flexible labour markets help migrants into employment
  • Cultural integration is a more complex process, highly group specific and dependent on the destination country context
  • Cross-national studies allowed for examination of the role of European national contexts (integration, migration policies, migration history, labour market institutions)
  • Policy makers should realise that residence, employment and family reunion policies impact the well-being of immigrants 
  • Universal child care programs help narrowing the achievement gap between native and immigrant children

Full findings overview

Posted by:
Thomas Huddleston (Migration Policy Group)