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Story of a journey across Europe: From first reception to integration of migrants

Researchers from Greece, Italy and Germany have analysed different steps of economic and humanitarian migrants' journey across Europe. This report presents their assessment of the procedures in place for newcomer asylum seekers and migrants, particularly women and minors, from first reception at arrival to integration in the society and the labour market.

The report further explores the level of involvement of NGOs in the reception and integration systems in the three countries. It also includes photographs, as visual testimonies of the situations faced by migrants on their journey across Europe. Read the book online

This research is part of a programme developed by the Foundation For European Progressive Studies - FEPS and the network of civil society organisations for social justice - SOLIDAR in a context of unprecedented migration flows. It is a follow up to the research 'From Europe to Local: Migrating Solidarity' published in 2016.

Source: Foundation For European Progressive Studies - FEPS