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#Refugeeswelcome in parks: a resource book

Parks can play an important role in supporting wellbeing. This research project led by the University of Sheffield’s Department of Landscape and the Young Foundation looked at ways of improving refugees and asylum seekers' access and enjoyment of green spaces. The resource book investigates how the use of public spaces can facilitate inclusion, offers ideas, practical examples and case studies, and proposes concrete courses of action.

The resource book also gives an insight into the experiences of refugee and asylum seeker park users, highlighting relevant barriers and expectations and offering ideas for engagement and inclusive approaches. One featured project includes weekly football sessions for asylum seekers, refugees and local youth, as it brings together people from different backgrounds to play or enjoy the game.

These sort of events can promote understanding between communities and help break down barriers created by ignorance or prejudice. Sports is described as a great way for newcomers to establish a network of friends and learn about other events going on in the local community. Apart from the benefits of physical outdoors activities, sports also provides a helpful escape from everyday worries. Other inclusive activities include gardening projects, excursions, picnics, etc.  

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Source: #Refugeeswelcome in parks