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Internal migration among refugees from Somalia Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000s (Unofficial translation)

Katsaus somalialaisten, irakilaisten ja afganistanilaisten maan sisäiseen muuttoliikkeeseen Suomessa 2000-luvulla (Original language title)

The majority of the 3 biggest refugee communities - Somalis, Iraqis and Afghans - have moved to and settled in the greater Helsinki area or in the counties of Varsinais-Suomi and Pirkanmaa in the 2000s, reveals a recent research of The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

In order to achieve the government's goal to evenly distribute the refugee population on the Finnish territory, authors highlight the need for affordable rental apartments (especially in the capital area) and other fast residential solutions. 3 weeks after the publication of the report, a new rent incentive scheme was launched to encourage newly arrived refugees to settle near reception centres.

The publication also analyses the internal migration of Swedish and Norwegian communities.

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Heli Sjöblom-Immala
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