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Integration Policy of the Slovak Republic

Integračná politika Slovenskej republiky (Original language title)

New Integration Policy of the Slovak Republic approved in January 2014.

Advanced Integration Policy follows up the Concept of Foreigners Integration in Slovak Republic (approved in 2009) and sets up broader framework for integration mainstreaming in Slovakia. Integration policy does not define or describe the actual state of policies, rather proposes new visions and directions in the area of integration. The document creates a wider framework for related public policies which should be further elaborated by responsible actors in the field of integration policy into the partial action plans. Realization of the integration policy is based on the coordinated cooperation of the governmental bodies, local self-government as well as migrant communities. The policy anticipates also involvement of the non-governmental organisations with activities in the area of migrants´ integration.

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Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic
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Country Coordinator Slovakia