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Foreigners in the Czech Republic 2018

Cizinci v České republice 2018 (Original language title)

This is the eighteenth publication in the series ‘Foreigners in the Czech Republic’ published by the Czech Statistical Office. The publication compiles extensive, updated statistics on foreigners who have chosen the Czech Republic to be the place of their permanent or long-term residence, found jobs or conduct business there, and/or have come to the Czech Republic to escape political persecution or severe economic conditions in their native countries. The publication focuses on statistical data for the year 2017, which are often supplemented with time series data for the previous years.

The report includes data in the following areas:

  • Demographic information (including age, sex, national origin, civil status)
  • International protection and asylum (including applications, proceedings, decisions)
  • Economic activity (including employment, wages, trade licences)
  • Education
  • Crime
  • Healthcare

Accompanying this publication is Life of Foreigners in the Czech Republic 2018, which focuses on the educational activities of individuals of foreign origin (available in Czech only).

Read the publication (in both Czech and English)

Labour Market and Equal Opportunities Statistics Department of the Czech Statistical Office
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Country Coordinator Czech Republic