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Finland: Government Resolution on the Government Integration Programme. The Government's focus areas for 2012-2015

Valtioneuvoston periaatepäätös valtion kotouttamisohjelmasta. Hallituksen painopisteet vuosille 2012-2015 (Original language title)

The new Act on the Promotion of Integration, in force as of 1 September 2011, includes a new provision on the Government Integration Programme. In accordance with Section 34 of the Act, the Government must decide on the national development of integration by drawing up a Government integration programme for its term of office, containing the integration objectives and measures. The Government Integration Programme provided a foundation for the preparation of this Government resolution establishing the Government's focus areas for the development of integration efforts for 2012-2015. A general objective of the resolution is to support good ethnic relations, participation by immigrants, and interaction between various population groups. Specific emphasis is laid on promoting the employment of immigrants, and supporting immigrant children and young people, families and women.

The Government Resolution includes the integration objectives and 63 measures on the following themes: 1. Focus areas of communal integration, 2. Supporting the integration of families through basic services, 3. Immigrants into the labour market, 4. Foreign students as a resource, 5. Placement in a municipality for all people under international protection, and 6. Funding of the programme's implementation.

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