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European Modules on Migrant Integration - Final Report

The European Commission has published the final report on the European modules on migrant integration developed with experts from all over the EU. The aim of the modules is to provide a common language and a reference framework regarding integration, which facilitate knowledge exchange and help to increase the quality of policies and practices and the performance of practitioners and public service providers across the EU in the three given areas: 


  1. Introductory and language courses; 
  2. A strong commitment by the host society; and 
  3. The active participation of immigrants in all aspects of collective life.


The European modules are mainly directed at the national authorities of the Member States, as integration is primarily a national competence and the implementation of integration policies and measures at the regional and local level falls under the responsibility of the Member States. The modules are however adaptable to different local and regional contexts, since local and regional authorities play an important role in the development and implementation of integration policies, regardless of the division of competences across the various levels of governance. 

The modules are not binding and do not intend to stifle or harmonise the measures that are already taken by the Member States. They must be used in full respect of EU legislation. 

The three modules are closely linked with the Common Basic Principles for Immigrant Integration Policy in the EU (CBP), which were adopted in 2004 and still remain valid ten years later. The modules aim to stress in particular that integration is a two-way process of mutual accommodation by all migrants and residents of Member States, which is why the modules include measures targeted both at migrants and at stakeholders representing the receiving society.

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