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Czech Republic: Strategic goals for language preparation and equal opportunities in 2021-2022

Strategické cíle pro jazykovou přípravu a rovné příležitosti pro roky 2021–2022 (Original language title)

This policy paper provides key stakeholders in education with guidelines for the implementation of the principles of equal opportunity for children and pupils with a migration background. It aims to develop their learning potential and multilingualism while making schools more open, fair and diverse.

The guidelines are based on the experience of the META Association (which has built its status as the leading independent organisation in the education of immigrants in the Czech Republic) and are in line with the recently-approved governmental Strategy for Education Policy of the Czech Republic Until 2030+.

Number of pupils in schools (preschools/elementary schools/secondary schools)

(Image source: META o.p.s., 2021.)

The document sums up the national education system with regard to the rising number of foreign pupils and students in schools (48 000 in 2020), and defines the number of those who need to be supported (and to what extent) with Czech language tuition.

Czech language command on the part of 7-13% of foreign pupils corresponds to A0-A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and demands intensive training, while knowledge of Czech on the part of an additional 20-32% of pupils corresponds to A2-B2 CEFR (these individuals need substantial support). This finding serves as a base for the definition of strategic goals, and their further detailed elaboration into concrete particular measures.

Read the document here (in Czech).

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Kristýna Titěrová et al
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