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BLEND IN: Early needs of young asylum seekers. State of the art and need analysis

Within the framework of the Blend In project carried out in Italy, Greece and Malta, the Maltese national partner - Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants in Malta (FSM) has drafted this report. The document contains inputs from asylum seekers, refugees and professionals working with them. Drawing from literature review, focus groups with nine young migrants, and face-to-face interviews with service providers, the research in Malta looked into the main concerns of migrants and service providers.

The focus groups (male-only) consisted of persons who applied for asylum directly in Malta and those who were relocated from Italy. The relocated asylum seekers recounted choosing relocation to Malta out of desperation. They find the system difficult to navigate, with either lacking or uncoordinated information. Asylum seekers also complained of crowded accommodation, high rent prices, and uncertainty about which courses are provided at which locality (those were unevenly distributed among the open centres). All participants understood Maltese and were employed. Most found their jobs through word of mouth.

In addition to the qualitative assessment, migrants and service providers were asked to rank various aspects of integration. The main concerns were access to finance, housing and healthcare, as well as widespread discrimination and bullying.

The Blend In project is funded by Erasmus+ and aims to facilitate young refugees’ smooth integration in their countries of resettlement, prevent their social exclusion, inform them on their rights and promote their autonomy, active citizenship and participation in social life and labour market. 

Source: Blend In project