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Annual Report on the Situation of Ethnic Minorities

Zpráva o situaci národnostních menšin v České republice za rok 2015 (Original language title)

The Czech Government publishes the Annual Report on the 2015 Situation of Ethnic Minorities. The document in which representatives of the minorities (members of the Council) complain about a shortage of financing means for their activities, was drafted by the Government Council for Ethnic Minorities. 

Among other information, the report notes that relations within the Russian community are worsening due to the situation in Ukraine, as well as rivalry and clashes of interests of Russian businessmen. "The division of views has crossed the border of desirable plurality" the report said. There is a complicated relationship between Russians who have lived here for a long time and new residents, it added. Newcomers are more likely to disrespect the rules and values of the host country and prefer their own interests. Other communities such as the Vietnamese one points out problems related to the unemployment of it second generation and the access to childcare services, kindergartens for example.

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The Government Council for Nationalities
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