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This section presents funding opportunities made available by European institutions and national authorities, and by private grant-making bodies, either through grants or public tenders. The European Web Site on Integration management team is not responsible for the completeness of the funding information provided in this section. Click on a sub-section to view specific information.

EU funding   National funding   Private funding

General considerations to note when applying for funding 


  • Confine your application to the information required.
  • Show evidence of need for the project.
  • Describe the project in a way that it meets the funder's priorities.
  • Make sure your objectives are clear and measurable.
  • Describe how the project will be managed and monitored.
  • Make a request for a specific sum of money.
  • Ensure the figures in the budget add up!
  • Make sure the budget is realistic.
  • Make it clear where any other money is coming from.
  • Describe your "exit strategy" (how you intend to carry on after the grant).


  • Rush to get an application in for an unrealistic deadline.
  • Make spelling mistakes or use abbreviations and jargon.
  • Make vague statements about what you want to do.
  • Present a huge list of things you want to do.
  • Forget to include all expenditure items and overheads in the costs.
  • Forget about inflation and VAT where applicable.
  • Rely on one person to put in the application.
  • Send in lots of other information unless it is requested by the funder.
  • Forget to send in anything else the funder has asked for.
  • Forget to compare supporting information and the application.