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The Hague - International Metropolis Conference 2017

Start: 18/09/2017 at 00:00

End: 22/09/2017 at 00:00


From 18 to 22 September, The Hague will host the 2017 International Metropolis Conference. Researchers, policy makers, and community groups will focus on mobility, how governments respond to it and how to bring considerations of global justice to the discussion. The conference will illustrate how researchers can help gain a better understanding of global changes triggered by human mobility and find solutions on how best to cope with or take advantage of it.

Each day will be dedicated to a specific theme covered through plenaries, workshops and study tours. The conference will start with the most urgent challenge of today's migration situation, namely refugee integration. The second day, participants will focus on the hosting society and discuss populism. The following session is on local and non-governmental actors and the last day will highlight economic opportunities deriving from human mobility, especially for cities. Full Programme

The International Metropolis Project is an international network engaged in identifying, understanding, and responding to developments in migration and diversity. Its events have been effective in connecting researchers, key decision-makers, and practitioners around the globe, facilitating the production and effective communication of policy-relevant knowledge amongst different stakeholders since the mid-1990s.


City of The Hague & International Metropolis Project


World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands