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Malmö - Contesting the populist challenge: Beyond ‘Orbanism’ and ‘Trumpism’ and the normalisation of exclusion

Start: 16/11/2017 at 09:00

End: 17/11/2017 at 16:00


Europe and the US are currently experiencing the rise of extreme right parties, as well as a growing accommodation of mainstream parties to such extremes. This 2-day symposium, organised as part of the 20 years celebration of the Malmö Institute for Migration, Diversity and Welfare, aims to offer an interdisciplinary critique of the ongoing rise and dynamics of right-wing populism in Europe and to consider alternatives to such programs.

Participants will critically assess various facets of ‘Orbanism’ in Central and Eastern Europe (2014-17), UK's Brexit campaign and referendum (2016), and the victory of ‘Trumpism’ in the USA (2016/17), as well as examine other electoral discourses in Europe.

Each day will be made of 2 panels covering:

  • the impact of the ‘Refugee Crisis’ on the rise of the radical right
  • alternative policies: How to deal with the re/production of anxieties and resentment?
  • Responses to far-right changes in values, treaties, and policies
  • the Return of history and the rise of totalitarianism

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The Malmö Institute for Migration, Diversity and Welfare, MIM. Professor Pieter Bevelander, Director of MIM Professor Ruth Wodak, Willy Brandt Chair 2017


Sankt Gertrud Konferens, Östergatan 7B, Malmö


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