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Lisbon – Global Migration Film Festival

10/12/2018 at 14:00
18/12/2018 at 20:00

The International Organization for Migration has announced the third edition of the Global Migration Film Festival, with the motto ‘Inspire, Inform, Transform and Promote Inclusion’. The film festival is being held in Lisbon, with film screenings on 10 and 18 December 2018. This year, the festival pays special attention to host society integration.

The festival is organised in partnership with the Lisbon Municipality and the Portuguese High Commission for Migration. This is a free-entrance event and tickets can be picked up at the entrance of the São Luiz Theatre in Lisbon, where the films will be screened.


10 December 2018

14:00 – Screening of The Merger. In this comedy, a former football star is persuaded to coach the struggling local football team in his hometown in Australia. He recruits refugees to revive the team with hilarious results and ultimately takes his community on a journey of change. (99 minutes, in English with Portuguese subtitles)

18:00 – Handcraft and food fair

19:00 – Screening of A Walk on the Tightrope. This German documentary follows several asylum seekers as they navigate a complex bureaucratic system, while also witnessing the difficulties and moral ambiguities faced by those taking decisions they know will fundamentally impact the life of another person. (95 minutes, English subtitles)

18 December 2018

18:00 – Handcraft and food fair

19:00 – Screening of Deltas, Back to Shores. This documentary follows a young Senegalese man living and working illegally in Morocco and a 57-year old Portuguese fisherman whose family is planning to migrate to the Netherlands for economic reasons. Both men face difficult decisions about what path they will take next, and the film examines the many emotional and practical factors that complicate such decisions. (75 minutes, English subtitles)


IOM-Portugal, in partnership with the Lisbon Municipality and the Portuguese High Commission for Migration
Teatro São Luiz, Rua António Maria Cardoso 38, 1200-027 Lisboa, Portugal
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Country Coordinator Portugal