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Country Sheet



Ministry with Overall Responsibility

As of 5 November 2012, the overall responsibility for migrant integration in the Netherlands has moved from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment [L Dutch] / [L English]

Other Ministries involved

For migrant integration abroad, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment cooperates closely with:

For specific integration related matters within the country, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment cooperates closely with:

Policy Papers or Programmes

  • Integration Agenda 2013 [D Multilingual]
  • Progress report on prevention of discrimination 2012 [D Dutch]D Dutch
  • National programme on prevention of forced marriages 2012 -2014 [D Dutch]
  • Government strategy on marriage and family migration [D Multilingual]
  • Q&As Civic Integration Abroad Act (WIB) [English]
  • Facts and Figures on Integration 2010 [D Dutch]

Key Legislation

  • Civic Integration Act (2014) [D Dutch]
  • Amendments to Civic Integration Act (2012) [D Dutch]
  • Civic Integration Abroad Act (2005) [D Dutch
  • Aliens Act (2000) [D Dutch]
  • Equal Treatment Act [D Dutch]

Funding Opportunities

All funding in the Netherlands (current and past) are listed here

Impact Assessments, Reports and Evaluations

  • 2015 Progress Report on National Integration Agenda [D Dutch]
  • Perceived discrimination in the Netherlands [D English]
  • Closer to each other? The social cultural integration on non-western migrants in the Netherlands [D Dutch]
  • Evaluation of the law on municipal anti-discrimination provisions (WGA) [D Dutch]
  • Evaluation of the Civic Integration Abroad Act [D Multilingual]
  • Evaluation of the Civic Integration Act [D English]
  • Integration Report
  • Disadvantaged: Discrimination against non-Western minorities in Dutch labour market [D Dutch]
  • Racism, extreme right violence and discrimination in the Netherlands [D Dutch]

Research and Statistical Agencies

Agencies Implementing Integration Programmes

  • Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) / Institute for the Implementation of Education [L Dutch]

Key Stakeholders

The Dutch government cooperates with shifting coalitions and partnerships in relation to the integration issues at stake.

  • Netherlands Centre for Social Development (MOVISIE) [L Multilingual]
  • Verwey-Jonker Institute [L Multilingual]
  • Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten / Association of Dutch Municipalities [L Dutch]
  • Wetenschappelijke raad voor het regeringsbeleid (WRR) / Scientific Council for Government Policy [L Multilingual]
  • Raad voor Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling (RMO) / Council for social development [L Multilingual]
  • Adviescommissie voor Vreemdelingenzaken (ACVZ) - Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs [L Multilingual]
  • Inspraakorgaan Turken in Nederland / Consultative Body for Turks in the Netherlands [L Multilingual]
  • Samenwerkingsverband van Marokkanen in Nederland / Cooperation Association of Moroccans in the Netherlands [L Dutch]
  • Inspraakorgaan chinezen / Consultative body Chinese community [L multilingual]
  • Overlegorgaan Caribische Nederlanders / Consultative Body for the Caribbean Dutch [L Dutch]
  • Vluchtelingen Werk / Refugee organisation [L Multilingual]
  • Surinaams Inspraakorgaan / Consultative Body for Surinamese [L Dutch]