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INTEGRA Project – A Way Forward for Integration of Third Country Nationals at City Level

The INTEGRA project has developed, tested and promoted new models and tools for participatory assessment of city integration performance. These policy recommendations aim to gather, analyse and summarise the results and knowledge amassed from the INTEGRA project outcomes. They are targeted at local authorities, national governments, European Organisations and EU policy bodies.

Among its activities, the project has carried out city audits, including policy assessment and mapping exercises, to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for third-country national integration. Through citizens’ integration labs, the project partners elaborated City Integration Agendas with future scenarios for each city. The possibility to share experiences and engage in peer learning processes has offered a unique opportunity to INTEGRA cities to confront similar challenges.

INTEGRA aims at improving the process of long-term integration of third-country nationals in five cities—Sofia (Bulgaria), Osijek (Croatia), Rubano (Italy), Košice (Slovakia) and Prague (Czech Republic)—through city-to-city knowledge and experience sharing. The project promotes deeper mutual understanding between migrant communities and host societies against the rising political discourse of securitisation, which paints migrants as a security threat in Europe.

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Country Coordinator Bulgaria